45° Reinforced Lateral Fitting

Product Details

Reinforced laterals are specifically designed for each application.  For these to be adequately designed and quoted, the operating conditions must be provided at the time of inquiry to make the proper calculations for reinforcement.  This will include the working temperature, working pressure and material grade.  These lateral designs can withstand up to 100% working strength of your applications.  ASME B16.9 does not cover Lateral dimensions.  Precision Flange Reinforced Lateral dimensions are available by clicking the PDF link below.

Fitting specifications: MSS SP-75, ASTM A234, ASTM A403, ASTM A420, ASTM A815, and ASTM B366. Contact Sales for material grades not covered by these specifications.

Read about 45° Laterals here

How to Order

1) Size

2) Schedule

3) Specification / Material Grade

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