We have a Laser Cutting Machine, four Hi-Definition Plasma and Oxy-fuel CNC Plate cutting machines capable of cutting up to 6″ thick stainless steel plate and up to 12″ thick carbon steel plate.

We have a 6’ wide x 5’ deep x 4’ high Batch Furnace for heat treatment up to 1800 degrees F. The standard on-site heat treatments include Post Weld Heat Treatment, Stabilizing, Normalizing and Tempering.

Our machine shop is outfitted with a large fleet of CNC machines that feature live Milling and Drilling capabilities of machining up to 61″ O.D. and manual machines up to 85″ O.D.

Our large fabricating shop is equipped with programmable welding machines for our line of specialty-fabricated fittings. All welding is done using procedures and welders qualified in accordance with ASME BPVC Section IX.

Multiple overhead cranes with lifting capacity up to 15 Tons; our Kalamar forklift has a lifting capacity in excess of 37,000 lbs.

Here’s a list of the various plate grades that we stock:

A/SA516-70 Normalized up to 8″ thick (CVN at – 50 degrees F. in many cases, the plate is triple certified to meet 516-70/60/65N)
A/SA240-304/304L up to 5″ thick
A/SA240-316/316L up to 4.5″ thick
A/SA240-2205 (Duplex) up to 4.5″ thick
A/SA240-317L up to 3″ thick
A/SA240-321/321H up to 4″ thick
A/SA240-347/347H up to 4″ thick
A/SA387-11 up to 6″ thick
A/SA387-22 up to 5.5″ thick
A/SA387-5 up to 3.5″ thick
A/SA387-9 up to 3″ thick
B424 Alloy 825 up to 2.75″ thick
B463 Alloy 20 up to 2.5″ thick
B127 Alloy 400 up to 1.25″ thick
B575 Alloy C276 up to 2.5″ thick
SB221 6061-T6 Aluminum up to 2.5″ thick