Welding Services

When it comes to welding and joining materials precision flange and machine pays very close attention to the details. All of Our welders are certified to ASME section IX and we have hundreds of welding procedures qualified under ASME section IX to fit your specific needs and technical requirements.


We acquire the highest quality consumable materials available and have strict consumable storage and handling procedures. We offer a wide variety of welding process including GMAW, FCAW, SAW, and GTAW welding. Our skilled welding operators are ready to get your order processed today.

Fitting Fabrication

As seen in the photo, we often provide fitting modification and fitting fabrication for our customers. If you have two 90° elbows and need them converted to 180° returns or if you have two butt weld tees you need split and converted to butt weld crosses we have the quality fabricators you need to get the job done.

Scraper Bars

Scraper bars are installed in butt weld tees to prevent the pipeline pig from flowing into the outlet. This allows for pipelines to be cleaned and inspected. Without scraper bar attachments the pig could create serious damage to piping, valves, and instrumentation. When inquiring for scraper bar installation please provide the number of bars and grade of material that you require.

Flanged Fitting

A flanged fitting consist of a fitting (butt weld tee/ elbow/reducer/butt weld cross) with flanges welded to the ends. You can provide us with the fittings and flanges or we can supply the fittings and flanges. We then will weld the flanges to the fittings and certify the welds with Ultrasonic or Radiographic testing.

Pipe Spools

Pipe spools come in many different configurations and orientations as seen in the picture to the right. With drawings and specifications provided we can fabricate the highest quality pipe spools that can be tested and certified in house.

Consumable Storage

As seen in this picture, we have a special consumable storage room that is climate control. Consumables play a critical role in the quality of a weld. For example if flux cored wire is not stored properly the flux center can absorb moisture (H20) and can cause Hydrogen induced cracking in the weld metal. This is one reason that we have very strict procedures when it comes to the storage and handling of our consumables.

Ferrite Control

The control of ferrite in austenitic welds is becoming more and more common this is not an issue for Precision Flange & Machine. We have invested heavily in developing special welding controls and procedures to control ferrite levels in the weld metal of our products. We have built a special clean room for welding when ferrite control is an issue.