Machining Services

Our machining services include taper boring Fittings, taper boring Pipe, beveling of Fittings or Pipe. This includes cutting a 90 degree elbow pipe in half to form two 45 degree pipes, compound, and J Bevels. We can take your supplied flanges, or our own, and make a Reducing Slip-on Flange, Reducing Treaded, and Reducing Socket Weld Flanges. We also do Victaulic Grooving, and Flat Facing of Raised Face Flanges.

Modification of Fittings

We can modify a Fitting to a variety of various customer needs, including Taper Boring or Beveling from an extra heavy wall to a lighter walled pipe, or Cutting a 90 degree pipe into a pair of 45 degree pipes.

Taper Boring Fittings

Preparing a fitting between pipe of different wall thicknesses.

Specialty Compound and J Bevels

Preparing a fitting with a specifically special Bevel. We are able to manufacture a large variety of special Compound and J Bevels for the fitting that you need. Our custom CAD designing allows for an infinite number of modifications that you might require.

Reducing Slip-On & Reducing Threaded Flanges

Manufacturing a Slip-on or Threaded, or Socket Weld Flange for a junction between two different sizes of pipe.