Here is Mike – driving us out toward Galveston, in the “Sea Duction” a 33 foot Bertram. He was taking a couple of clients who pulled in some good sized snapper, and a bunch of reds.

Out on the “Sea Duction”, it is a quick trip offshore (around 30 to 50 miles) to the oil rigs, and underwater locations, where the big fish like to hang out. Here is one of our catch on an especially nice Texas summer day.

Mike “lures” a flyfisher into the Gulf. Here Bob shows off one of the reds he caught out by one of the oil rigs we see behind him.

We tied into this mackerel while trolling from one rig to another.

Sometimes the catch is just a bit smaller than the rest, so after a quick photo we toss ’em back to get a little bigger for another time. Then there is that nasty problem of what to do when the catch just won’t fit into the cooler. We’ll find a way to keep this one anyway!

The end of another beautiful day in paradise.